About Takmakaron

Tak Makaron

Tak Makaron Company has been manufacturing different types of pasta and spaghetti for more than 3 decades by benefiting from the latest world technologies and specialized human resources, and considering the principles and rules governing the food industry. The company offers its healthy products at national and global level with the aim to meet some parts of the community nutritional needs.

Tak Makaron factory is located 80 km away from Tehran and 14 km west of Karaj city. The plant area is over 120,000 square meters which is consists of sections like production halls, product warehouses, supplies and raw materials warehouses, office and restaurant spaces, water supply facilities, repair shops, green spaces, and garden. Production halls numbers 1 and 2 include 6 continuous and completely independent lines of pasta production and there is enough space for future development projects.

Tak Makaron Manufacturing Company has been able to offer its various products to consumers via simultaneous operation of two production lines of various short and long products and by providing favorable conditions such as large production halls in accordance with global standards, heating and cooling installations, advanced water and wastewater treatment systems and modern computer-systems for storage, processing and mixing of raw materials. The company is equipped with the most modern machineries from the top European companies; using a new extruder system, it is able to produce about 19 tons of pasta and lasagna with the best quality per hour by 4 production lines for long products and 2 lines for short products (shaped pasta). High level of automation of these lines is the result of integration of all measurements from the logical control unit operating without human intervention which is equipped with the latest technology in the world.

Our packing system is computer-controlled to allow for accurate weighing of packets in excess of 100 packages per minute. The weight of each package is controlled according to the national standard by more than 12 modern packaging machines equipped with equipment for tracking and removing impurities and fast scales. Moreover, quick printers with fully computerized controls for inserting various information are able to control the products accurately, in terms of weight, impurities, packing quality and inserting the information required by the tracking systems. Advanced equipment used in storage, processing, raw materials transferring, producing and packaging of pasta, in addition to modern storage of products, in order to benefit from fully automatic technology without human intervention, have provided the best conditions for pasta production with highest acceptable health indicators in line with other countries across the world. Eight carton packaging machines put the products in the carton at a rate of at least 10 cartons per minute, regularly, then after closing the cartons and inserting the information required by the tracking system they will be directed to the warehouses.

In addition to meeting domestic needs and sending various pasta products, packaged flour and powdered cakes in different flavors to all over the vast country of Iran, Tak Makaron Company is also an internationally well-known brand. The optimal quality of various pasta products, beautiful packaging and attractive designs, have led other countries to join us as consumers.