Lasagna 250g

  • ingredients:semolina,water
  • weight:250g

First recipe: (fast Cooking Method): add 250 grams of lasagna gently and one by one to 5.4 liters of boiling water with a little salt and oil, after 2-3 minutes, drain and rinse them with cold water. Grease the Teflon and/or Pyrex pan (any kind of fireproof dish) with butter or olive oil. Place lasagna into the pan and add a layer of the sauce to it. Repeat this to make few layers. At the end add the B├ęchamel sauce and pizza cheese on the lasagna.

Second recipe (Golden method): (No need to cook): First, dilute the prepared meat or vegetable sauce with warm water (half a glass), grease the bottom of the fireproof dish or Pyrex pan with butter or olive oil, put the rippled lasagna and desired diluted sauce layer by layer (without the need for cooking). Cover the last layer with white sauce and pizza cheese. Place the dish containing lasagna in the oven at 220 C0 for 30-25 minutes until it turns golden. Now your lasagna is ready to eat.

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