The national statue was awarded to Tak Makaron Company

Tak Makaron

Since 1997, October 20 has been designated as the National Export Day, with the approval of the National Public Culture Council, with the aim of spreading the culture of export and indicating the government and people national determination to develop non-oil exports and consequently, economic development of the country. Every year, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Trade Promotion Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran celebrate the National Day of Exports with the aim of developing the country’s general culture of export and encouraging exporters and economic and trade activists; on this day, the top exporters are also appreciated. The 20th anniversary of National Export Day was held on October 20, 2016 in the presence of President Rouhani, the honorable minister of industry, mines and trade, the Minister of agriculture -jahad, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, cooperatives and trade unions and a group of businessmen in the international conference center. In this magnificent ceremony, the statue of the national top exporter was awarded to Tak Makaron Company.