Tak Makaron Company won the MENAA award for the best brand in the Middle East and North Africa

The MENAA Best Brand Award is a regional award given to companies and business leaders in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia for their outstanding initiatives and achievements.

The purpose of this organization is to promote and improve industries by increasing brand awareness, measuring their level and awarding awards, which ultimately facilitates the provision of services and products with a higher standard to the society and increases the level of customer satisfaction.

Also, this award seeks to identify and introduce the most successful companies and people who have been able to create value and create new markets in their ecosystem with the right innovative strategies in the field of branding and marketing.

In this regard, the MENAA award in both sections was awarded to Tak Makaron by the former president of France Francois Hollands and the president of ZHAW University in Switzerland, and another honor was added to Tak Makaron’s honors in the international arena.