About Us

Tak Makaron manufacturing company having had three decades of experience and utilizing technology of the day and expert human resource and having considered rules and principles of food industry is active in the field of manufacturing various types of pasta and spaghetti. This company presents healthy and nutritious products in national and global level aiming supply of food requirements of society.

Tak Makaron factory is located 80km away from Tehran and 14km away from west of Karaj. Area of the factory is about 18 Hectares and 88,000 square meters of roofed spaces including manufacturing hall, products warehouse, accessories and raw material warehouse, administrative spaces and restaurant, watering and water supply installations, repair shop and green spaces. Halls no. 1 and 2 of manufacturing pasta and spaghetti includes 8 continuous and fully independent production line of various types of pasta and spaghetti and adequate space for future development have been anticipated.

Tak Makaron manufacturing company have provided consumers with various products by simultaneous running of two production line for short and long products and preparing desirable condition such as big hall according to global standards, facilities and heating and cooling installations, water treatment systems and modern and computer systems for maintenance, processing and mixing raw material. This company is equipped with the most modern machinery made by superior European companies that are capable to manufacture 1250tons of flour and 700 tons of pasta and spaghetti by 8 production lines of short and long products with highest quality. High level of automation in these lines through mixing all measurements of control unit is performed by programs without utilizing human workforces that is of the most modern technology in its type.

Packaging system in Tak Makaron in completely controlled by computer to provide intact weighting of packages with a speed of over 100 packages per minute. Over 20 packaging machinery equipped with tracking equipment and eliminating foreign substances and fast scales for controlling weight of every package according to national standard and fast printers for printing different information with computer control together with control equipment are capable to control carefully all products in term of weight, presence of any foreign substances, packaging quality and print of required information for tracking systems.

Use of advanced equipment in storage, processing, transfer of materials, production and packaging pasta & spaghetti and also modern storage of products due to full automated technology without utilizing human workforces presents the best production condition with same level to other countries in the world with top acceptable health indexes.

Tak Makaron company in addition to supply of domestic needs and delivering various products of spaghetti and pasta, packed flour and various types of cake powder with different flavors to provinces and country of Iran, is a well-known name in global level as well. Tak Makaron Company with appropriate quality of spaghetti and pasta products, beautiful packaging and attractive designs, has added 43 countries as pasta consumers to its export targets.