Tak Makaron

SINCE 1994


As we know, nowadays, cereals and their products play an essential role in the nutrition and food supply for people all around the world. Pasta is the most important cereal grains-derived product in terms of variety in nutritional value and consumption methods. In 1994, shortly after the technological developments across the world, Tak Makaron Company purchased and put into operation the world most advanced machineries and technologies from Switzerland aiming at producing sufficient healthy and nutritious pasta on a large scale. These machineries were able to continuously produce and package high quality pasta, in accordance with national and international standards.



n October 1998, the products of this great company were distributed and made available for consumer use throughout the country with a variety of 5 types of spaghetti and 10 different types of shaped pasta. Factors such as the unique quality of the products, the high nutritional value and the beautiful and attractive packaging made our products compatible with the majority of tastes and preferences and accepted by everyone.



Upon completion of production lines capacity, the Company has undertook his own research and development projects by increasing the capacity and variety of products in the form of a comprehensive and pre-planned design (In two stages, first 2001-2002 and then in 2007-2008). So that now the company, with 6 pasta production lines, is able to put more than 450 tons of different products on the market which is expected to reach 600 tons per day according to our development plan.



After launching the Ard-daran modern flour-making unit using soft wheat in 2003, and also achieving modern durum wheat milling technology in 2005, and installation and operation of the Durum unit, obtaining the desired quality of Semolina pasta, along with well-known pasta-producing countries like Italy, has grown to become the company’s main goal. Therefore, production lines 5 and 6 with higher capacity (200 tons per day) were purchased and installed from Fava Company aiming at achieving export markets. Modern designing in line with global principles and utilizing durable and first-class materials and accessories have made us to produce high quality and hygienic products in accordance with international standards.



In 2020, we succeeded in producing organic products using the most up-to-date technology and the best raw materials. Our organic products include pasta and spaghetti and soon with more products.