Tak-MaKaron’s goals and perspective

We will always be at the top

  • Top quality model in the country’s food industry considering the principles of excellence, the food industry-specific requirements and customers’ needs and expectations
  • Obtaining the opportunity to enter global markets, other than the African and Asian markets
  • Position of domestic market leader with a special focus on the health and nutrition principles

Ethical values

  • Observing the professional business ethical principles in competition
  • Considering conscience, honesty, mutual relation and confidence and responsibility towards stakeholders
  • Creating equal opportunities for all, meritocracy, employee empowerment and Ensuring their health, wellbeing and job security


Tak Makaron Company has been manufacturing different types of pasta and spaghetti for over 20 year by benefiting from the latest world technologies and specialized human resources, and considering the principles and rules governing the food industry. The company offers its healthy products at national and global level with the aim to meet some parts of the community nutritional needs.