Health-Oriented Industry Festival

“Tak Makaron” is proud to receive the statuette of the 4th Health-Centered Festival. The Scientific Association for the Promotion of Health in Iran in 2020, with the motto of “a healthier world together”, took steps to rank the country’s health-oriented brands with the approach of promoting the health of products and services and introducing health-oriented brands and prospects for improving the health system in various industries. In order to participate in the ranking processes, the companies are evaluated and monitored, and by completing and presenting the relevant documents, in-person visits of experts and specialists, and finally the evaluation and vote of the judging committee and the main members of the festival policy council. Did.


In a festival that was held on February 19, 2017 at the Radio and Television Conference Center with the presence of a group of officials, managers and experts in the field of health, Tak Macaroni Production Company, as in the past, was honored to receive the badge and statuette of the Fourth National Health Industry Festival. Due to the importance of nutritional health of the consumer, this company annually produces and offers products in this regard to the market. Organic single macaroni products were launched this year.