The best selected customer-oriented unit in 1399

The intense competitive environment between the markets, the development of the social network and the power of wide choice of consumers have made customer orientation and respect for consumer rights the best competitive advantage between companies and organizations.

To this end, Tak Macaron Manufacturing Company in the evaluations conducted by experts and industry experts on “customer orientation and relevant standard certificates, communication channels with stakeholders, the level of maintenance and efforts to maintain the market and the importance of customer wants and needs.”

With impressive scores, it was selected and praised as the top customer-oriented unit in 1399.

In this regard, the national festival of one hundred customer-oriented units of the country with the approach of introducing and honoring the activists of economic, production and service enterprises with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Brand International Organization on 28 February at the Raizan Conference Center Was held and a plaque and badge were awarded to this company.