The national summit of the mark of excellence in quality with the aim of introducing and honoring value-creating managers and quality-oriented companies with a creative, innovative approach in product production, providing pure services and meeting customer expectations, was held in the conference hall of the country with the presence of large and industrial companies in the country.

The main focus of this conference was to improve the quality of products and services for the economic prosperity of the country, provide new solutions to meet customer expectations, change the attitude in the high-quality production process in the country, establish a customer satisfaction system through improving the quality of services provided, recognition and honoring From producers of high-quality goods and services, review of consumer rights protection law and how to implement it, review of quality rate with satisfaction index of customers and consumers of goods and services, standardization of products and services and challenges of Iranian products to be present to pointed out in the global markets and as well as promoting the culture of self-evaluation in organizations and recognizing the strengths and areas that can be improved.

It was held with the presence and speech of a group of academic and academic professors, industrial managers and in the presence of more than 55 industrial and mining companies

In this regard, Tak Makaron Co. Received the trophy of quality and  appreciation certificate.