The second festival of food science and industry was held under the title of Dr. Hedayat at the place of the Iranian Standard and Industrial Research Institute

This festival aims to honor the top food industry companies as the scientific award of Dr.Hedayat, the father of food science and nutrition, the founder of Iran’s nutrition, is organized every year by the Iranian Food Industry Science Association and the Aria Food Science and Industry Specialists Club. In this event, after reviewing industrial food companies, the judges of the Iran Food Science and Industry Festival, professors and elites of the food industry, top entrepreneurs and top food industry companies were introduced and presented with a plaque and a statue of Dr. Hedayat in the presence of Officials and MPs and other entrepreneurs and organizations are appreciated.

Dr.Hedayat, who is known as the founder of nutrition science and food industry in Iran, he is one of the researchers and a distinguished and well-known figure who has a continuous, honest and sincere presence in the university professorship and research activities. has had that it is undoubtedly a familiar and respectable name for all the owners of the food industry and food sciences in Iran.

Dr.Hedayat scientific award, which engraved with his image and as a symbol of honoring and appreciating the services and activities of all those who have played an influential role in the development of the food industry, was awarded to Tak Makaron Manufacturing Company