The 13th National Customer Satisfaction Summit

The 13th National Customer Satisfaction Summit took place on November 26, 2023, aiming to honor customer-centric and responsible brands. The event was held at the International Conference Center of the National Media and was attended by senior officials and representatives of private companies.a

The summit had the following objectives:

  1. Familiarizing participants with global techniques for interacting with customers and stakeholders of organizations.
  2. Identifying indicators of employee and customer satisfaction to enhance organizational profitability.
  3. Highlighting the benefits of proper communication with customers and customer-centric approaches in organizations.
  4. Understanding the role of customer satisfaction in addressing business challenges.
  5. Exploring ways to reduce communication gaps and enhance interaction with managers, employees, and customers to increase satisfaction levels at all levels and improve organizational productivity.

At this event, Tak Makaron Company, once again proudly received the 13th National Customer Satisfaction Summit Trophy by presenting documentation and undergoing evaluation by the judging committee.