The eighth nationwide summit of the Outstanding Manager Award took place on November 29, 2023, was held at the International Conference Center of the National Media.

The main objectives and themes of the eighth summit were:

  • Promotion and dissemination of practical applications of Diligence and economic management concepts.
  • Examination of opportunities and challenges for the development of management in the future outlook of Iran’s industry and its role in sustainable development.
  • Assistance in addressing concerns about the shortage of efficient managers for the country in the future.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the methods of successful national managers in coping with economic crises and international sanctions.
  • Identification of characteristics, examination, and analysis of the trial and error of Diligence managers (social pathology).
  • Development and growth of production and technology through Diligence management, relying on the internal capabilities of the country.
  • Creation of motivation for achieving success among dynamic and successful manager segments.

During this summit, recognition was given to managers who have created value and had a significant impact on the country’s industry and economy. Based on evaluations conducted by the executive committee and academic professors in the field of management, Tak Makaron Company had the honor of receiving the trophy at the 8th National Summit of the Manager of the Year Award.