This festival, with the approach of promoting the health of products and services and introducing health-oriented brands, was held on December 14, 1401 with the presence of high-ranking officials of the country and owners of health-oriented industries at the International Conference Center of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

The purpose of this conference is to create synergy and optimization cooperation between organizations in charge of health, scientific societies and manufacturing and service industries of the country, it has played an influential role in creating the attitude, culture of production, supply and use of health-oriented products.

After the detailed evaluations and visits made by the committee of judges of the festival to the applicant units in order to provide detailed solutions, fruitful support, validating and verifying the evaluation process, among the selected units of the festival with merit that received different levels of the festival, Appreciation was done.

Therefore, Tak Makaron Co, based on the evaluations made by the jury and the festival’s committee, succeeded in receiving the “golden statue of the 5th health-oriented industry festival